"A study of the scriptures will help our testimonies and the testimonies of our family members."

"A study of the scriptures will help our testimonies and the testimonies of our family members."
Thomas Monson

Ward Challenge for 2011

Bishop Deet and his Counselors, Brother Anderton and Brother Francisco, have again asked that we study the Book of Mormon for ten minutes each day in 2011. We are promised that as we do this, our lives will be blessed, our minds will be opened, and we will bless the lives of our children, and others around us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mid-week Activity for Relief Society

Just a reminder of our Relief Society Activity on Thursday May 12th @ 7:00 p.m.
Our next mid-week activity for Relief Society will be held on Thursday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m.  If you are a great gardener, or are just learning, do we have an activity for you!  Come share your ideas, questions, success's and disaster's of gardening with us.  Some of what we discuss could also be used for flower pots & flower gardens.
Ana Batty from Morning Glory Produce will be coming to give us a class on Gardening.  We hope that you will be able to come and support Sister Batty as she takes time from her busy spring gardening schedule to teach us, and answer any questions you may have on gardening. 
Even if you do not have a garden spot, but need to plant in containers, borrow space in a friend or neighbors garden spot, or use space at the community gardens,  this class can help you become more self-reliant as you and your family grow some of your own food.  This class isn't just for those with "green-thumbs", even if you think you have a 'brown or black-thumb' you are welcome to come and share your experiences (or disaster's) with us, and learn some new techniques to gardening in all aspects.
We will be at the chapel, in the Relief Society Room. It will start at 7:00 p.m. We are not planning on a nursery this month, as the last two months, we have had young women in the nursery, and no children came for them to spend time with.
We hope to see you there!

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